Clash Royale: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

So you have your hands on the hot deck building RTS for mobile phones, but you keep getting your ass handed to you in the arena? Well, do not worry, because we’ve got you covered with this Clash Royale tips and tricks.

When you are in the field, you can rely on the cards in your hand immediately using up Elixir points. These are determined by the purple number on each of the cards. You’ll find yourself the game will start with five Elixir points and the bar fills up slowly. It is really important that you are not so easy to waste your points.Ration is smart to make sure that you have no dead time while your enemy lands all their units on the field at once.

This also means that you need to be smart about how you can have your deck to start building. Sure, Princes and Giants are incredibly strong, but they both cost to cast a hefty five Elixir points. This could mean disastrous if those are the only two units on the field for you, and you are then left recovering your Elixir of nul. Make a balance of more small units, medium and large. For example, I’d like a Giant (five), a Prince (five), a Goblin Hut (five), a Musketeer (four), Fireball (four), Valkyrie (four), Bomber (three), and Arrows (hold three ).

clash royale tips

Find the balance that suits you, but remember that the smaller units are especially useful in an Elixir crunch.


In the arena, you will find two towers and a castle on both sides. A canal separates the two countries and there are two bridges (left and right) used to cross on units. Keep in mind when your cards are placing it wherever you drop a unit, that’s where they land. So, let’s say you have a Goblin Hut on the field. Drop someone behind them and they will have to go around the cabin, takes some time. On the other hand, when charging an enemy unit (as the Prince) allows any small unit for them to hinder their advance. Also keep in mind that when you take a watchtower that the plot of the squares is allowing you to place your units as you want. This is good to have more units get closer to the enemy castle worse.

There are plenty of strategies you can take in your quest to become the best ruler in Clash Royale


Prince is an epic Clash Royale card that can either make or break your day. If you have it, the world is beautiful and sunny. If your enemy has him, life sucks. He has to throw a ton of health, cost five Elixir points, and does double damage when charging (and he always gets charged, believe me).

In short, you’re going to want to keep this guy on your team. He absolutely wrecks and who has it  will  use it, so better to fight fire with fire in this case. Provided, of course, you know how to get him.


Fighting in Clash Royale are fast-paced. If you run out the clock and it’s a draw earned with the amount of crowns, go into overtime. If a tie again, it’s sudden death and the winner is the one who the next crown neemt. Omdat it’s such a tight game, you’re going to want to act quickly in your beslissingen. Kijk, it’s very nice to have a total rush and demolish both towers before the castle, but you do not have to do that. Get in and get out. Take down a tower and then go straight to the castle. If you get that, you give to get all crowns anyway, even without the bottom of the second tower. However, if you go into overtime and only win by taking down another watchtower, guess what? You do not get the crown for the castle. So always, always, always, strive to take the castle. Crowns are cool to make money.

Clash Royale: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Each unit acts differently in ClashRoyale . They can all do some damage, but they definitely work in different ways. Learn how each of your units moves and actions and you will be able to respond accordingly to any situation in a fight. Let me run down some behaviors start Maps:

  • Giant –  Large damage and health, but only to buildings. Ignores enemy units completely, stamping is straight to what building nearby.
  • Prince –  Major damage and health. Will load after a few seconds of moving and attacking while charging leads to double damage.
  • Archers –  Low damage and health but come in pairs. Can deduce units for a moment as such. Good for the flying units.
  • Goblins –  Low damage and health but fast and come in a pack of three.
  • Bomber –  Low health, but a lot of damage. Perfect for a group of easily killed enemies (such as skeletal clusters or packages of goblins).
  • Spear Goblins –  Low damage and health but fast and come in a pack of three. Can shoot from afar.Good for the flying units.
  • Musketeer –  High damage and good for health. Good for the flying units.
  • Knight –  Good health and damage, melee and some ground.
  • Valkyrie –  Good health and damage, melee and some ground. Good for a group of enemies, because her attacks strike multiples.
  • Goblin Hut –  Spawns Spear Goblins every 4.9 seconds. Is another building that units can be blocked or diverted by.
  • Fireball –  High damage to an area that you consider. But less damage to buildings.
  • Arrows –  Good damage to an area that you consider. But less damage to buildings.


Earlier I mentioned that I keep a Arrows card and Fireball card in my hand for playing Clash Royale matches. This is because having a ranged attack you can be anywhere very, very useful in the field.Especially if said attacks may target a wide area.

Here is my strategy; I use the volley of arrows when there are enemy units in a cluster of three or more mail in my country, and I use the fireball buildings I want to chip away damaged. The fireball is a hefty sum of damage to a building, and it can really make a difference and help my other heavy hitter units, such as the Prince and Giant. These two cards do not write off just because they are not units.

There you have it! Some beginner tips and tricks for getting started with Clash Royale.

Good luck out there and remember to upgrade your units when you’re able to!

If you are still confused and want to know more about this beautiful game visit the website now.



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